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The Caribbean Airlift Alliance is now becoming a reality.

All aviation segments in the Caribbean region have similar interests and have similar hurdles to deal with. There is also common interest with tourism and hospitality stakeholders. Having several separate small associations to tackle the same problem is neither very effective nor efficient. Even larger industry organizations are not quite able to deal with airlift matters and dilemmas because they may be too specialized and representing only one, or just a part of one industry segment. One umbrella organization which represents the activities for all of the various particular satkeholders makes more sense.

During the Caribbean Aviation Meetup in the Bahamas in June, 2018, it was decided to start up the Caribbean Airlift Alliance. The entity is currently still in its structuring stage.

The Interim Government Board
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* Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace Principal Bedford Baker Group Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Advisors, Former Minister of Tourism & Aviation Bahamas, Former CEO Caribbean Tourism Organisation
* Cdr. Bud Slabbaert Chairman/Initiator Caribbean Aviation Meetup, Communication Strategist, Journalist, Business Aviation Development Consultant
* Ir. Damien Richardson CEO Richardson+, Architectural Engineer, Drone Technology Expert
* Rob Ceravolo CEO Tropic Ocean Airways, Fighter Pilot, Adversary Instructor US Navy, TOPGUN, US Naval Reserves

The Governing Board will eventually consist of seven Members.


The Caribbean Airlift Alliance recognizes that airlift is of critical importance to the economic and social development and well-being of the communities of the Caribbean region.

The Caribbean Airlift Alliance aims to stimulate increases in airlift, identify and remove unnecessary impediments, and improve the air transportation methods and services to, from, and between the territories of the Caribbean, in order to accelerate the sustainable positive economic and social development in the region.

The Caribbean Airlift Alliance intends to initiate and establish partnerships, community platforms, strategies, and educational programs to support airlift development that is needed for creating a relevant international market and business environment, and that fulfills the needs for affordable uncomplicated air transportation serving the Caribbean communities.

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