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The Caribbean Aviation Meetup conference location is Guadeloupe for 2019; the venue has not been determined yet. .

Welcome to Guadeloupe
Guadeloupe is an archipelago of over a dozen islands that combine to offer travelers a wealth of attractions from deserted beaches to soaring mountains. Guadeloupe's two main islands look like the wings of a butterfly and are joined together by just a couple of bridges and a mangrove swamp. Grande-Terre, the eastern of the two islands, has a string of beach towns that offer visitors marvelous stretches of sand to laze on and plenty of activities. Mountainous Basse-Terre, the western island, is home to the wonderful Parc National de la Guadeloupe, which is crowned by the spectacular La Soufrière volcano.
(source: Lonely Planet)

Magnificent Guadeloupe..,
..is the southernmost of the Leeward Islands and the European Union's largest territory in North America, has more than its fair share of natural beauty even by Caribbean standards. Stunning beaches, soaring mountains, superb food and spectacular diving are shared over the five main islands, each of which has its own special character and different reasons to visit. The joy of Guadeloupe is that you really don't need to choose: even if you only have a week it's perfectly possible to enjoy them all, as ferries go back and forth between them several times a day.
(source: Lonely Planet)

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